FTCS is a leading Scandinavian e-money and prepaid issuer based in Stockholm

We believe that the financial system has been slowing the world down.

Its lack of coverage is unfairly limiting participation, and its high friction is limiting innovation and the types of consumer products we could be building.

To make matters worse, the poorer you are the worse the deal, both in the variety of product choice and price.

We think the timing for change is perfect. Technology, regulation and consumer trends are coalescing to make instant value transfer solvable.

We expect these trends to accelerate, and in the not-so-far future, every person and business will be tied together with ubiquitous communications. Value will flow through the network in massive volumes and at unprecedented speed.

We are a collective of engineers, techies, bankers and financiers, excited about the opportunity to remove payment friction for the individuals and businesses that need it most.

We are providing the rails that will enable the next generation of products and services. We are here to change the way value moves.

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Our world-class engineers have designed and built our
platforms to be light, fast and highly adaptable thanks to our modular API-based architecture

In the internet age, platforms have proven to be the single most economically productive model. We have the knowhow to build them well and the attitude to continually improve. The more volume, the more data and the more data, the more AI you can train; it’s a self-reinforcing loop. Scale is the name of the game for us and we see it as a way for us to increase participation for everybody in our world-wide society.


We are a dynamic and growing Fintech company, as a part of our team your possibilities will be unlimited

If you’re someone who enjoys creating innovative ways to reach ambitious goals, who is open to and energised by receiving honest feedback, and who likes asking and being asked “why?” — then we should talk. We don’t just look for people who can do a particular job. We look for people we want to share our time with.

We operate a distributed and flat org design with hubs in Stockholm, Minsk and Malaga