We have built the next-generation of banking platforms: an application layer made up of many continually evolving micro-services, interfacing with third-party suppliers through RESTful APIs.

Our containerised, modular architecture has copy-paste deployability on any major cloud platform. Flexible client/staff access controls, integrated AML verification, scalable to over a million transactions a minute in dozens of currencies.

We utilise supervised and unsupervised machine learning to predict fraud and defend against attack. ‘Back-end blockchains’ are deployed to minimise human workload and create trust for anyone who needs to have a look under the hood. ‘Doc-chains’ are used to securely store KYC docs.

In today’s world, where KYC regulation is of utmost importance for financial service providers, to ensure proper regulatory compliance, we are developing on-boarding systems that are efficient, simple to use and compliant.

We are not only building software, but also connecting our system to different payment rails. As a regulated financial institution we participate in financial clearing networks such as SEPA, SWIFT, as well as other alternative payment methods.

We provide realtime foreign exchange in major currencies, and payments in most tradable currencies. Our platform has sophisticated FX handling with realtime pricing possibilities.


Intergiro is our own branded platform, for both private individuals and corporates. Providing fast payment and foreign exchange services.



Integrated flexible modern merchant solution
for today’s commerce

Our latest merchant solution is battle-hardened for the most fraud intensive environments. Utilising our patented blockchain technology to immutably record critical transactional information for future reference and charge-back defence.

We provide simple and straightforward solutions for acquiring, using one simple,  integrated platform. We provide solutions for the whole value-chain, processing, reporting and collection.

As full members of Visa and MasterCard, we provide sponsored and branded prepaid programs for card program managers, utilising our comprehensive platform with full ‘smart card’ functionality.


Our e-voucher platform has a
proven track record

Our secure e-merchant voucher solution with Point of Sale (PoS) integration. Advanced anti-fraud and highly flexible deployment profile. Already over a $billion worth of transactions from millions of customers world-wide

The platform can be modified for new markets and environments in days, allowing the conversion of traditional payments into single or multi use vouchers. Currently deployed internationally by merchants, banks and government bodies.